With word that Jon Stewart would be stepping down from The Daily Show, it was important for Comedy Central to beef up its late-night programming.Ā The Nightly Show "kept it 100" as one of the most pointed voices in late-night and touched on issues of race, politics and pop culture. In my role, I served as a Senior Designer and Animator, working in close collaboration with the Art Director on key-art, out-of-home, and all animation for off-air

The aesthetic of the campaign was clean, polished and focused on highlighting Larry Wilmore as the center of focus.

On-AirĀ  |Ā  SocialĀ  |Ā  DigitalĀ  |Ā  Print
Like many Comedy Central campaigns, the out-of-home and digital parts of the campaign were far reaching. From bus-wraps to billboards, I had my hand in all phases of the production, single handedly animating most, if not all, assets for off-air/digital.

Client: Comedy Central
VP Creative: Chris Scarlata
Creative Director: Rolyn Barthelman
Art Director: Darlene Cordero
Senior Designers/Animator: Brandon Lori

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