Comedy Central has a long history of adult animation in late-night. From South Park to Drawn Together, the network has always pushed the envelope in what can be done (and said) in cartoons. In mid 2018, the network inked a deal to acquire exclusive rights to Netflix's own, BoJack Horseman, as well as Futurama, The Cleveland Show and King of the Hill.
To promote this new-ish slate of animated content, the network enlisted me to create a 30 second spot that celebrated the arrival of these classic adult cartoons. 
I started the project by pitching a number of creative approaches to the Comedy Central brand creative team. After highlighting a number of favorites, we partnered with Comedy Central's editorial team on helping to bring some of their own ideas to fruition, as well as our own, through a series of style frames, storyboards and sketches.
After pitching all directions to Comedy Central's SVP of Brand Creative, a winner emerged in one of my ideas, which imagined a cartoon dance party of all the newly acquired animated characters. Inspired by the famous 'GIF Dance Party' gif on the internet (Google it), I began storyboarding the architecture of the spot, plotting out show-specific graphics that intermix with playful motion of the networks famous "C mark" and a strong foundation of type.
For the animation direction, I wanted much of what we did to be edit-driven motion techniques‚ÄĒblending shot-to-shot motion with camera moves that bridged the cut, while also having the confidence to take hard cuts in key places.
The spot was met with widespread praise from across the company, eventually being reformatted to a series of bumpers, a call-to-action spot and an upcoming South Park specific spot based on this original version. The spot traveled up as far as the President of Comedy Central, who shared in the positive sentiments.
Client: Comedy Central
VP of Design: Chris Scarlata
Art Director/Designer/Animator: Brandon Lori
Director of Motion/Additional Animation: Kaz Iwai
Rotoscope: Joe Perno
Writer/Producers: Lisa Goldman, Augie Praley
Editor: Erin McKnight

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