COMPLEX x FUSE is a weekly 60 minute series airing on Fuse TV. Each week, the show brings together the best of COMPLEX branded internet content, throws it into the blender, and serves it up to a hungry TV audience. With this unexpected — and often entertaining — marriage of TV and internet, the pair make for strange bedfellows, but for viewers, all the better.

I was brought on board for season 2 of COMPLEX x FUSE as Art Director, taking creative responsibility for design direction and show branding, as it appears on all platforms. In my hands-on role, I've created over 100 unique graphic elements that make up the bespoke and ever-changing graphic package of COMPLEX x FUSE.
The graphic identity of the show differs from more conventional broadcast show packaging in that it's graphics are mutually driven by an editorial voice that is distinctly COMPLEX. In this, I wanted the kinetic branding of the show to have the same attitude. With a fiercely type-driven approach, typography stretches, warps, snaps, crumples, and spasms onto screen, often resolving in weird and unexpected compositions.

Season 2 of COMPLEX x FUSE solidified a TV fanbase and helped to earn Fuse an even younger viewership. With an increased focus on celebrity faces in season 2, viewers are coming back to see what's next in sneakers, music, food, and culture.
Client: Complex Networks
VP of Design: David Vogler
Creative Directors: Wyeth Hansen & Ryan Dunn
Art Director: Brandon Lori
Supervising Producer: Erica Soto
Editors: Kristian Otero, Tara Barat, Keaton Monger, Liz Jerry
Copywriter: Dria Rolland

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