As the first big campaign after the rebrand from Sprout to Universal Kids, we wanted to create a Halloween campaign that was unique and also aged up. I came up with the idea of 'glow-in-the-dark' as a theme. The frames seen here were a pitch, while the final creative went in a different direction. I contributed as an art director and designer, whose pre-production work seen here informed the final creative

To build off the idea of glow-in-the-dark, I wanted to create a look that tipped its hat at the idea, but not a literal interpretation. Instead, I wanted it to be stylized, mixing footage shot of kids with painterly glow streaks. The result was a set of photo illustrations that incorporate a limited palette of green, pink and black

Design  |  Illustration
Despite the campaign going in a different direction, the final creative was still loosely based off of this original concept established in the style frames.

Client: Sprout
VP Creative: Nancy Mazzei
Creative Director: Luciano Tapia
Art Director/Designer: Brandon Lori

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