The "Holidays Unwrapped" campaign was a holiday stunt to promote the overall Sprout brand, while pushing viewers to watch several original holiday specials created by the network. I conceived the idea for the campaign as a means of 'unwrapping' all of the exciting programming around the holiday. Likewise, the idea of unwrapping a gift for the holiday is a relatable theme for kids and an animation technique that would surely resonate

I wanted every aspect of the campaign to feel handmade. First on my list was creating a title treatment for "Holidays Unwrapped" that was fitting for the theme, so I hand sketched a type lockup made to look like gift ribbon, then illustrated it digitally. From there, I wanted the holiday theme to encompass all traditions, so made sure to include elements symbolizing Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. For the key frame in the campaign, I was inspired by the yearly act of 'getting out the holiday decorations'. For me, that usually involves lugging out a cardboard box filled with holiday 'stuff', then dumping it out on the ground. That key frame is based on that simple but universal idea

On-Air  |  Social  |  Digital  |  Print
Once the design and art direction for Holidays Unwrapped was established, we collaborated with Nathan Love on execution of promo, programming and navigation graphics. For this, we concluded that stop-motion animation would provide us with the most 'handmade' look of all and a tabletop setup was constructed to match the original key frame.  From there, interstitial content was built out for on-air and digital, all of which was based on the same look and feel of the campaign, working in collaboration with a two writer/producers and one outside animator.

Client: Sprout
VP Creative: Nancy Mazzei
Art Director:/Designer: Brandon Lori
Production Studio: Nathan Love
Animator: Aaron Stewart
Senior Writer/Producer: Eric Hillegas
Senior Cross-Platform Writer/Producer: Marc Cantone
Editor: Neil Dombrow

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