Each year, I create a company themed holiday card to ring in the season. With every card, I create a custom illustration showcasing myself alongside the many characters of Sprout (now 'Universal Kids'). I hand out the card to colleagues, friends, family, and people I'd like to connect with professionally.
As a challenge to myself, I like to vary the illustration style each and every year. The cover art for the cards begins with a sketch, or sometimes first with a copy line, then tying the two together holistically. Because of the sheer number of characters, composition and space is a challenge, so work hard to build a strong foundation sketch that keeps a visual hierarchy in tact. Aside from the art, I write out each and every card with a calligraphy pen and personal message to the recipients.
Illustratiin.  Print.
The project is one of several personal projects that I hold myself to every year. As one might expect, people enjoy the card and it allows me to share my passion for art with those most important to me and hopefully, brighten their day.
Art Director/Designer/Illustrator: Brandon Lori
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