I remember it like it was yesterday...

I saw my first KIDZ BOP commercial when I was in junior high. At the time, the KIDZ BOP brand was just starting out, riding high on 2000's era Pop and getting heavy rotation on MTV. Although I wasn't the target demo for the brand, I couldn't deny that the tunes were catchy. I bought that first KIDZ BOP album out of sheer curiosity. At the time, I had no idea that, someday, I'd be living in New York City with a design career focused in kids' entertainment. Go figure! In some ways, I credit that first KIDZ BOP album as planting a seed, not only for my career in the kids and family space, but my creative sensibility altogether.

Fast-forward to now.

For nearly 10 years, I’ve partnered with some of the most popular kid and youth brands today, conceptualizing, designing, and overseeing art direction on projects, while ensuring brand consistency across all platforms.

Throughout my career, I've done this with a number of brands, working closely with brand marketers and cross functional teams. As a result, I’m adept at translating high level marketing strategy to winning creative and successfully moving the numbers for ratings, sales, and social interactions. 

Even more, my dual experience as a hands-on designer and design manager has equipped me with the know-how for heading up in-house teams, as well as liaising with external partners on brand execution. I pride myself on being able to do both: design and manage.

My deep in-house experience and 360 approach to design makes collaboration with peers, partners and key brand stakeholders a joy, easily working within different aspects of a company and understanding their needs from years of working within high profile media brands.

On the flip side, my multidisciplinary skill-set encompasses a number of creative areas and disciplines, such as:

1. Creative Direction
2. Art Direction
3. Brand Identity
4. Design Toolkits
5. Style Guides
6. Branded Content
7. Motion Graphics/LIVE Event Graphics
8. Presentation Design
9. Live-Action Directing
10. Print Design
11. Photo Retouching
12. Consumer Products, Packaging, & Apparel
13. Photography
14. Illustration
15. Brand Activations
16. Events
17. In-Store POP/POS
18. Digital Design
19. Social Media Design
20. Trend Forecasting

Overall, I’m relentlessly driven and have a killer work ethic. I have a keen eye for trends and my finger on the beat of pop culture — especially when it comes to the kids and family space. Having a passion for this area should be a key factor in the VP of CREATIVE SERVICES role at KIDZ BOP and one I have in spades.

Quite frankly, I‘d be ready on Day 1.

I’m confident that my passion, experience and 360 skill-set can bring a new spark to KIDZ BOP and lead the brand into an awesome new chapter.
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