Summer 2017 was around the corner and we had little to no budget to create a campaign for the season. As a seasonal campaign, we needed a theme that would bring together all of Sprout's many characters and do it in a way that was fresh, but also economical. As a result, I conceived the idea of 'photo bombs' as a theme for the campaign, relying heavily on real-life photography that featured Sprout characters 'photo bombing' the scenes. I was responsible for art direction of the campaign, as well as design, animation, and managing a team of two additional animators.
On a shoestring budget, I created a number of photo bomb shots to base our campaign around. Working closely with the creative director, we introduced an additional layer of 'instant photography' to elevate the production value of the campaign in key shots. I worked alongside the animation team and managed them directly in the creation of assets. Finally, we joined forces with our in-house senior producer of cross-platform creative, who wrote an original 'summer song' to be used with the graphic imagery called "It's Not Summer Without Sprout".
On-Air.  Social.  Digital.
The campaign was a blockbuster, spiking our ratings for summer and turning into a sleeper hit for a campaign that had little to no financial backing and was an all in-house effort. The creative stretched across on-air, social, digital, and events and received an overwhelming positive reception from viewers and within the company.
Client: Sprout
VP Creative: Nancy Mazzei
Creative Director: Luciano Tapia
Art Director/Designer/Animator: Brandon Lori
Animators: Brandon Lori, Bobby Ushiro
Senior Cross-Platform Producer, Musician & Songwriter: Marc Cantone
Producer/Editor: Jess Harring
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