As a much anticipated Sprout original, 'Terrific Trucks' separates itself from other vehicle based kids' series by being live-action, instead of animation. And although the computer generated eyes of the Trucks are composited in post-production, the show remains primarily footage based.  The marketing strategy for Terrific Trucks called for a campaign that was "big, loud and rugged," with particular emphasis on the trucks being 'real'. The result was a sensory campaign where I served as an off-air art director, designer, and animator, managing an additional in-house designer, and out-of-house vendors for out-of-home and events. Additionally, I oversaw the creation of the on-air campaign (out-of-house) to ensure campaign synergy and that the looks aligned aesthetically

Steering the off-air creative, I created the look for out-of-home, social, digital, and print. One benchmark of my off-air contributions was the show key-art. Working with extremely limited assets, I was given a front, side, and 3/4 angle of each truck. In order to create a dynamic piece of key-art that was 'big, loud and rugged', I reconstructed the trucks using the provided assets and various other truck photography, then composited them into a sparse, dirt laden terrain

Original Animation by Thornberg Thornberg & Forester

Off-Air  |  Social  |  Digital  |  Swag
The campaign put Terrific Trucks on the map and made the premiere one of Sprout's strongest debuts to date. The print and out-of-home campaigns received buzz from several high profile Mommy and Daddy bloggers: a key demo for Sprout and Terrific Trucks, in particular.

The above clips are part of co-branded partnership content between Sprout and YouTube stars, Gabe and Garret. We joined forces with the duo to promote the show launch of Terrific Trucks on their highly popular YouTube channel, earning over 2 million views on the video and increasing Sprout subscriber total by over 10,000  new subscribers.

Client: Sprout
Art Director:/Designer: Brandon Lori
Production Studio: Thornberg & Forester
Senior Writer/Producer: Eric Hillegas
Editor: Neil Dombrow

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