The official rebrand of Sprout to Universal Kids was announced a few short months before the actual launch on 09/09/2017. In this, we had three short months to completely convert the brand. During this time, I played a role as art director, design and animator, in collaboration with a dedicated team of animators and an outside agency
The creative here showcased some concept explorations, as well as a final countdown graphic seen on-air, which plays at 6PM before the 'Sprout' block changes to aged up Universal Kids programming
On-Air.  Social.  Digital.  Print.
The creative for the campaign was seen on all platforms and forms of media, from on-air, social, digital and print.
Client: Universal Kids
VP Creative: Nancy Mazzei
Creative Director: Luciano Tapia
Art Director/Designer/Animator: Brandon Lori
Producer: Ryan McLaughlin
Animator: Candice Aquino, York Capistrano, Greg Lee, Zack Horn
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