To ring in the acquisition of hit international movie and series, The Jungle Bunch, Sprout's programming team wanted to create a week long on-air event that combined the networks animal based shows into a themed programming block

Using a limited palette and spare number of elements, I wanted to create a system that was graphic but also incorporated jungle components. The resulting look mixed 2D photography and selective use of 3D, while quick cuts of animal wildlife assembled the campaign title graphic and network bug

On-Air  |  Social  |  Digital
The campaign helped to make The Jungle Bunch movie and series ratings winners, making The Jungle Bunch series a top 5 show for Sprout and an impressive ratings increase during the week long on-air event.

Client: Sprout
Art Director/Designer: Brandon Lori
Senior Cross-Platform Writer/Producer: Marc Cantone
Animator: Alberto Haydar
Editor: Neil Dombrow

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